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Writing good luck spells

By Jarred Triskelion
When the chips are down we all need a little bit of luck. An

Gnostic Healing, by Tau Malachi and Siobhan Houston

By Kalagni
Gnostic Healing: Revealing the Hidden Power of God, by Tau Malachi and Siobhan Houston.

Dancing with Spirits, by Denny Sargent

By Mike Gleason
Dancing with Spirits: The Festivals and Folklore of Japan, by Denny Sargent Megalithica Press,

Planetary Spells & Rituals, by Raven Digitalis

By Kalagni
Planetary Spells & Rituals: Practicing Dark & Light Magick Aligned with the Cosmic Bodies,

Neopagan Rites, by Isaac Bonewits

By Mike Gleason
Neopagan Rites: A Guide to Creating Public Rituals that Workby Isaac Bonewits Llewellyn Worldwide,

Salutation to the Heroes: November 11th or 12th

By boudiccaandarta
The Feast of the Einheriar or the Festival of the Einherjar is also known

The Weiser Concise Guide to Aleister Crowley, by Richard Kaczynski

By Psyche
The Weiser Concise Guide to Aleister Crowley, by Richard Kaczynski, edited and introduced by

Why Ritual?

By Spiral Nature
“Doing magic is about being responsive to the challenges of your environment – often

Review: Cthuloid Dreams, by DJ Lawrence

By Psyche
Cthuloid Dreams: A Collection of Occult Poetry, by DJ Lawrence Chaosmagic.com, 115 pp., 2004

The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram

By Anonymous
From: [Name Removed Upon Request] Subject: The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram Date:

Review: Before You Cast a Spell, by Carl McColman

By Mike Gleason
Before You Cast a Spell: Understanding the Power of Magic, by Carl McColman New

Prometheus Hail (also known as the Rite of Prometheus’s Flame)

By Gnosi Chaotica
Introduction The basis of this ritual is to unleash hidden, arcane, esoteric and occult