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Poll: Does music play a part of your practice?

By Spiral Nature
Some of you may be members of drum circles, or drum on your own.

The Spirit of Healing

By Susan Starr
In The Spirit of Healing, Sandra Ingerman and Byron Metcalf added FEAT technology to

The Black Madonna

By Susan Starr
The Black Madonna is the latest of Fairchild’s CDs; others explore Isis, Kuan Yin,

Toronto: A Midwinter Night’s Dream

By Samantha Bell
The event featured photography, painting, music, and live performances inspired by the mystic realms.

The Columbine Effect, by Beth Winegarner

By Nicole Pippin
Sheds light on perceived as darkness and points out the most dangerous part of

Temple of the Drum, by Dragon Ritual Drummers

By Mike Gleason
The Dragon Ritual Drummers know how to use their instruments to attain the best

Avalon, by Heather Dale

By Brendan Myers
Dale’s voice is gentle and inviting, yet deliberate and strong, like a warm fire

Sacred Sounds of the Female Orishas, collected by Raul Canizares

By Mike Gleason
Sacred Sounds of the Female Orishas consists of nine tracks to separate orishas (the

Sir Christmas, by Broceliande

By Mike Gleason
Sir Christemas: Songs of the Season, by Broceliande CD: Flowinglass Music, 16 tracks, 2001

I Walk with the Goddess, by Kellianna

By Mike Gleason
This disc has the addition of the Sacred Fire Choir providing back-up vocals on

Lady Moon, by Kellianna

By Mike Gleason
Lady Moon, by Kellianna CD:, B000CAG8MW, 35 minutes, 2004 As I find myself

Odin’s Booty Live, by the Dragon Ritual Drummers

By Mike Gleason
Odin's Booty Live, by The Dragon Ritual Drummers CD: Labyrinth House Publishing, B001P810JG, 2009