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Alternative approaches to the Goetia

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Demon, photo by Orin ZebestLegend has it that the "Testament of Solomon," which contains the original text of the Goetia, was left out of the Bible, because it was not considered to be inspired by Jehovah. The "Testament" is accredited to King Solomon, but the real author is unknown.Solomon is said to have been the wisest person of his time (848-976 BCE). He was powerful, wealthy, and according to the text, was given a magical ring by the archangel Michael that gave him power over demons. When it was time to build the temple in Jerusalem, Solomon needed help, as it was forbidden in the Torah to use certain kinds of materials. His advisers told him to seek the advice of demons, as they were known to hold forbidden wisdom and would be able to give him the knowledge he desired. Read More

Lucifer’s Court, by Otto Rahn

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Lucifer's Court: A Heretic's Journey in Search of the Light Bringers, by Otto Rahn, translated by Christopher Jones Inner Traditions, 9781594771972, 242 pp. (incl. bibliography and translator's bibliography), 2004, 2008Otto Rahn (1904-1939) was a German medievalist.  His Crusade Against the Grail (1933) "attracted the attention of Karl Maria Wiligut, better known as Weisthor Heinrich Himmler's esoteric "lord" of runology". In 1936 Rahn formally entered the SS, attached to Weisthor's department. Denounced for possible Jewish heritage and homosexual behaviour, Rahn committed suicide in March 1939.Lucifer's Court was originally Read More

A Note on LaVeyan Satanism

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Far too long has the subject of Satanic magic and philosophy been written down by wild-eyed journalists of the right-hand path.

--Anton Szandor LaVey, The Satanic Bible.

While not a "wild-eyed journalist of the right-hand path" (whether defined in Tantric, Blavatskian or newage terms), I have, over the past few months, shared some rather amusing sensationalist news stories written by those who are. I thought it only fair to take the time to write a short piece on "real" Satanism and go beyond highlighting some of the more absurd stories that rise up out of the deep.This is a little tricky as Satanism is a broad term these days encompassing a variety of religions. There's "traditional" Satanism which does involve devil-worship and Luciferianism which (sometimes) runs along similar veins. However, there's also "modern" and LaVeyan Satanism which does not, as these Satanists are atheistic, holding the self in the highest position of reverence.For years I managed the website for the Satanic Read More

Rightful Pride of Self

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Perhaps self-evident in the philosophy of Luciferianism are the concepts of pride and ambition. Many religions view these characteristics as undesirable or, even more negatively, as evil. There is a great deal of truth in these views of ambition and pride as negative or harmful traits; however, there is also a great deal left unsaid about the positive aspects of same. Ambition is merely the desire to do something with your life; to be productive, to be someone. Ambition is wanting not only to get a job, but get a better job later; not only to finish school, but to do well in school. Ambition is what keeps us going on in life, the urge to succeed and do well in various endeavours, not necessarily restricted to the physical or material realm. Pride is the sense of self-worth we gain when we achieve our goals and ambitions -- after all, if we do well, should we not acknowledge that we have done so? We all praise our children when they've done something good, so why is it so bad that we praise ourselves? These traits are healthy! If we had no ambition, we'd all sit around all day watching Jerry Springer and Judge Judy, never accomplishing anything but an impressive command of the remote control. Those who are doing things -- who have ambition! -- are those we look up to in our everyday lives. They are our leaders, our inventors, our heroes. Pride gives us our self-esteem, our positive self-image, our drive to do well because of the pleasure it gives us. Read More


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Lucifer, photo by Los MininosLuciferianism, like Satanism itself, has a multitude of forms; primarily being of a Traditionalist slant, and Modernist slant. What I am going to describe herein is primarily just a brief overview of the main differences between "Satanism" and "Luciferianism." For more information, you'll likely want to review the sections on Traditional Satanism and Modern Satanism, as they apply by and large to Luciferianism, as well. Read More