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Siolo Thompson discusses her Linestrider Tarot

By Marjorie Jensen
Recently, Siolo Thompson and I got together to talk about creating her Linestrider deck,

Secret Medicines from Your Garden, by Ellen Evert Hopman

By Kait
Hopman's Secret Medicines from Your Garden takes the secrecy out of herbal medicine, and

Sacred Plant Initiations, by Carole Guyett

By Susan
Sacred Plant Initiations is an invitation to the healing the plant world wants to

Practical alchemy: A beginner’s report

By Seth
Practical alchemy facilitates a process of ever-increasing refinement over time, so things become more

Four Thieves: From medicine to magick

By Anie Savino
The legend of the Four Thieves blend is shrouded in history and myth, can

Llewellyn’s Herbal Almanac Cookbook

By Susan
After reading the Llewellyn's Herbal Almanac Cookbook, I feel like I've found a whole

Herbal Alchemist’s Handbook, by Karen Harrison

By Kalagni
The Herbal Alchemist's Handbook couldn’t start with a more hopeful introduction.

Review: Herbal Magick, by Gerina Dunwich

By Mike Gleason
Herbal Magick: A Witch’s Guide to Herbal Folklore and Enchantments, by Gerina Dunwich New