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Review: The Book of Druidry, by Ross Nichols

By Mike Gleason
The Book of Druidry, by Ross Nichols Thorsons/Element, 1855381762, 320 pages (incl. bibliography, index

Henge of Keltria

By Henge of Keltria
What is the Henge of Keltria? The Henge of Keltria is an organization dedicated

Optional Methods of Defining Sacred Space and Time

By Anonymous
The stock ADF ritual outline, published in Druid’s Progress #4, calls for a processional.

Overview of Trad Druidry

By Nantala
Technically speaking there are basically three types of Druidry. The “Triad of Druidry” as

ADF neopagan beliefs

By Joseph Teller
We consciously observe the solstices, equinoxes and the points in between, as well as