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Chemical Realities

By Xi O'Teaz
To: zee-list Date: 11 November 2003 blades wrote: >and given that what is real

Altered States of Consciousness and Ritual

By Julia
Altered States of Consciousness (ASCs) are an integral part of ritual. They can be

Drugs and Religion: Snakebite Trips?

By Loren Petrich
In Merlin Stone’s book When God Was a Woman, about early goddesses, there is

Aleister Crowley: Synopsis of six articles on drugs

By Anonymous
This synopsis remains valuable as an outline of Aleister Crowley's mature view of drugs

Psychedelic Yoga: The Application of Yoga Meditation Techniques to the Use of Psychedelic Sacraments

By Sri Brahmarishi Narad
The fact that psychedelic drugs induce a greater sensitivity to subtle spiritual and psychic