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Sacred tattoos: Temporary skin, permanent mark

By Xenia
Sacred tattoos are a literal transformation; a body with a tattoo is not the

True Detective: A flat circle in Chapel Perilous

By Ian 'Cat' Vincent
Within True Detective the Yellow King is kept at a remove...mentioned with fear but

Pop occulture and hyper-real religion

By Ian 'Cat' Vincent
Occulture is now part of the mainstream, and this has had a feedback effect.

The Infernal Texts, edited by Stephen Sennitt

By Psyche
Infernal Texts: Nox and Liber Koth provide an enchanting snapshot of chaos magick's darker

Review: Lovecraft Lexicon, by Anthony B Pearsall

By Psyche
The Lovecraft Lexicon: A Reader's Guide to Persons, Places and Things in the Tales