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Swami Panchadasi’s Clairvoyance & Occult Powers, by William Walker Atkinson, ed. Clint Marsh

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Swami Panchadasi's Clairvoyance and Occult Powers: A Lost Classic Swami Panchadasi's Clairvoyance & Occult Powers, by William Walker Atkinson, ed. Clint Marsh Weiser Books, 9781578635009, 187 pp., 1916, 2011Swami Panchadasi reminds me a bit of Professor X, if only for the fact they’re both fictional psychics. Swami Panchadasi is one of ten known alias of William Walker Atkinson who as this legion of authors wrote over one hundred psychic and magickal texts, probably the best known being The Kybalion.Clint Marsh, the editor of this book, and author of The Mentalist’s Handbook, raises a good point in the introduction. “Does it matter that all these Hindu mystics and other exotic psychic practitioners never existed?” I agree with Clint that when it comes to practical working systems this doesn’t necessarily matter, but representing yourself as from a tradition you seem to have little understanding of is something I’d disagree with. Read More

Review: The Mentalist’s Handbook, by Clint Marsh

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The Mentalist's Handbook, by Clint Marsh The Mentalist's Handbook: An Explorer's Guide to Astral, Spirit, and Psychic Worlds, by Clint Marsh Weiser Books, 9781578634217, 196 pp. (incl. indexes), 2008
Above, below, and throughout the world you and I call home, the aetheric plane dwells also.
In this book, Marsh helps the explorer, the "mentalist" in his language, learn to command the aether inside of and around them to access and manipulate various layers of reality. While  this is a modern book aether and psychic abilities, much of Marsh's attitude and language draws from and is an homage to the writers of the nineteenth and early twentieth century, admitted even in his use and spelling of aether. He also admits having ideas influenced by the Theosophist which is clearly shown in his use of the Dweller on the Threshold and Secret Masters, and his writing is in "the grandiose style of a master mentalist, one who already had all the answers", not because he believes he has those answers, but because he was so influenced by the authoritative writings of early psychics in secret societies. If he did not Read More