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Professional Tarot, by Christine Jette

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Professional Tarot: The Business of Reading, Consulting and Teaching, by Christine Jette
Llewellyn Worldwide, 073870217X, 215 pp. (incl. appendices, notes, bibliography and index), 2004

This is not a traditional tarot book, filled with myths and legends of its origin, and formulaic responses to the cards – far better, Professional Tarot is exactly what it says, a book directed at those interested in pursuing tarot-reading as a career. It details how to make money with the cards.

Right from the beginning Jette dispels a few common myths about entrepreneurship, and sensibly advises that one examine one’s motives for going into business with Tarot. She gets right into the nitty-gritty of it from business policies to legal and tax issues; advertising; website considerations; telephone readings and appropriate etiquette; what to charge and how to ask for it; the positive and negative aspects of accepting credit cards, cheques, cash or e-cash – there’s even a section dedicated on closing or selling a tarot business. Aside from running a Tarot consulting business, there’s also a section dedicated to preparing and teaching a class on Tarot, and sensible advice on finding a good teacher.

Jette also discusses in a matter of fact way the obstacles and changes one may find within oneself, and how it could affect friends and family life. She offers a few suggestions for getting through and overcoming ‘tarot plateaus’.

While not really geared for part-time or hobbyist readers, Professional Tarot is an excellent start for anyone considering starting a full-time Tarot business, and is highly recommended.