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Iconic occult documentaries of the ’70s

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Still from Legend of the WItchThere's a certain something about occult documentaries made in the 1970s. Maybe it's the style -- the colours and tones are rich and vibrant and the wardrobe has a certain vintage feel that I love. Or maybe it's the content? Interviews with well-respected founders of contemporary traditions and footage of rituals conducted in spaces that I can only dream of visiting give me access to a time and place that no longer exists.The moods in these films shift back and forth from serious to slightly laughable; in one segment we get an honest and thoughtful sound bite from a well respected occult talking head, and in the next, a scene that is just a little too stereotypical; a naked woman grooving on an altar, middle aged English folk running skyclad in a circle, and lots and lots of black velvet attire. Read More

Fire Child, by Maxine Sanders

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Fire Child, by Maxine SandersFirechild, by Maxine Sanders Fire Child: The Life & Magic of Maxine Sanders 'Witch Queen', by Maxine Sanders Mandrake, 9781869928780, 309 pp., 2008I have been waiting for this book to be written for years, if not decades. We need more autobiographies (as well as biographies) concerning those people who helped to bring our religion out of the broom closet. We already had Gerald Gardner: Witch and King of the Witches: The World of Alex Sanders as well as several books relating the life and works of George Pickingill, Doreen Valiente, Sybil Leek, and more modern practitioners such as Fiona Horne. The Internet has made it easy to find out about individuals’ actions. Their motivations, however, may not be so easily determined.One of the things I enjoyed  about this book was Maxine Sanders's lack of pretension. Far too many elders in the Craft had, seemingly, flawless introductions to our religion, and smooth sailing throughout their careers. Not so with Sanders. She honestly recounts the bumps in the road and reveals the hidden warts. It may give hope to the next generation of witches to realize that snafus and bad decisions can be overcome with minimal bad effect in the long run. Read More

A Voice in the Forest, by Jimahl Di Fiosa

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A Voice in the Forest: Spirit Conversations with Alex Sanders, by Jimahl Di Fiosa Trident Publications, 1999This is a book which can be, and probably will be, read in one sitting. It is clearly written and not at all difficult to understand. On top of that, it is nicely double spaced throughout, which makes it one of the easiest-on-the-eyes books I have seen in quite a while. It is composed of information which Alex Sanders wanted to share with his Craft children and the other Hidden Children of the Goddess.It is very difficult for me to be objective about this book. It is about the founder of my particular path, written by an individual who shares that path with me (even though we have never met, to the best of my knowledge, except on the Internet). I must say that, honestly, it rings true for me. Read More