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Anna Biller on the real witchcraft behind The Love Witch

By Ashley Naftule
From the set design to the way Elaine’s coven behaves, The Love Witch feels

Jailbreaking the Goddess, by Lasara Firefox Allen

By Marjorie Jensen
I highly recommend Jailbreaking the Goddess to people who are unfamiliar with intersectional feminism

Iconic occult documentaries of the ’70s

By jennadanchuk
There's a certain something about occult documentaries made in the 1970s.

Fire Child, by Maxine Sanders

By Mike Gleason
There are lessons to be learned from Maxine Sanders’s writing in Fire Child, some

A Voice in the Forest, by Jimahl Di Fiosa

By Mike Gleason
A Voice in the Forest: Spirit Conversations with Alex Sanders, by Jimahl Di Fiosa