Review: ABC Book of Shadows, by Katie Lydon Olivares

ABC Book of Shadows, by Katie Lydon OlivaresABC Book of Shadows, by Katie Lydon Olivares, illustrated by April Choi
Itty Bitty Witch Works, 978-0976857303, 28 (unpaginated), 2005

A board book for children on a pagan theme – it’s a novel concept, and it works well. The board book is sturdy and well produced, and will likely stand the wear and tear a child will inflict upon it.

The first twenty six of the pages are illustrated and coupled with a rhyming scheme, while at times awkward, is often delightful. The two remaining pages comprise a glossary of the terms used in the book.

Beautifully illustrated with a rich pallet of colour, this is the first board book with an explicitly pagan theme I have seen, and I know several pagan mothers and their children who will adore this little book.

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