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Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Lucid Dreaming, by Clare R. Johnson

By Marie RavenSoul
Beginning Llewellyn's Complete Book of Lucid Dreaming is a journey in and of itself. I

The Collected Letters of Alan Watts, edited by Joan and Anne Watts

By Alanna Wright
It is hard to deny the influence Watts' legacy has contributed to expanding the

Cosmic Womb, by Chandra Wickramasinghe and Robert Bauval

By Alanna Wright
Cosmic Womb: The Seeding of Planet Earth makes an intriguing case that life on

Wild Unknown: Animal Spirit

By Donyae Coles
The Wild Unknown: Animal Spirit is perfect for people who need a bit of

Chakras, Plain and Simple, by Sasha Fenton

By Soror V∴L∴
Chakras, Plain and Simple: The Only Book You'll Ever Need is a slim volume

Oracles of Apollo, by John Opsopaus

By Alanna Wright
The Oracles of Apollo: Practical Ancient Greek Divination for Today sheds light on ancient Greek

Greek Mythology Reading Cards

By Psyche
The Greek Mythology Reading Cards draw on artworks depicting classical Greek mythological figures, and

Angels for Beginners, by Richard Webster

By Sarah Bentvelzen
When I took up Angels for Beginners, I was experiencing a difficult time in

Happiness: Meditations for Realising Your Dreams and Destiny

By Susan Starr
We’ve all heard the saying, “Happiness is an inside job.” If you know you

First Light Tarot

By Lexie
First Light Tarot, by Dinah Roseberry Schiffer Publishing Ltd., 978-0-7643-4573-9, 66 cards, 96 pp.,

Tibetan Shamanism, by Larry Peters

By Kalagni
Tibetan Shamanism is an anthropologist’s work based on decades of study and first-hand experience

Earth Wisdom Oracle

By Sharon Woods
When I saw the box art and sample images for the Earth Wisdom Oracle,