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Q: What is Spiral Nature?

Often abbreviated to SN, SpiralNature.com, is an occult resource dedicated to exploring occult philosophy and metaphysics, alternative spiritualities, and practical magick.

SpiralNature.com was first launched in 2000, but its history goes back further than that. It’s the product of several successive websites dealing with similar themes. For more on SN’s story, read the History of SpiralNature.com.

The site’s content is curated from a variety of sources, BBS and Usenet posts, mailing lists, as well as reader-submitted content. If you’ve something you’d like to see on SN, please read our Submission Guidelines.

Q: What RSS feeds are available?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It’s a technology which allows people to receive automatic updates when new content is posted on blogs, news headlines, podcasts, or any website that publishes a feed.

SpiralNature.com has several versions of its RSS feed available: you can subscribe to the Shiny feed, our news feed which lists occasional updates and advises of SN news, or the full feed which lets you know every time new content has been added to the site.

For a more complete explanation of RSS  feeds and the feeds available, read What is RSS?

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