Writing tools, photo by Pete O'SheaSpiral Nature is an occult resource dedicated to exploring alternative spiritualities, practical magick, and occulture.

We publish articles about astrology, chaos magick, chemognosis, working with the Cthulhu Mythos, divinationkabbalah, sex magick, tarot, philosophy, atheism, Buddhism, Discordianism, various forms of Paganism, Satanism, Thelema, and more. Articles on any of these subjects, or anything related, would be great.

While we prefer original content, we’re not opposed to reprinting material.  If the piece has appeared elsewhere either online or in print, please indicate so in your submission.  If it is time sensitive (such as a book excerpt) please indicate when the book will be published.

Article types

There several different types of articles Spiral Nature favours, including:

How-tos: Break down a complicated ritual or process into its components, or provide step-by-step instructions. Show us how it’s done, and why it’s done that way. Do you make your own robes? Ritual tools? Feast foods? Teach us!

Cultural pieces: How have things changed in occulture over the years? Is a new tradition emerging in Paganism? Something trending in the news? What will its effect be today, tomorrow?

Historical pieces: Occulture has a long and rich history, and we’d love for you to share it with our readers. Recent history pieces are also welcome, particularly when dealing with underground movements, and small communities.

Personal essays: Whether describing your success or failure with the Abramelin working, a Pagan festival you attended, or your struggle with a meditation practice, share what happened, and what you learned in a way that readers can benefit from your experience.

Events coverage: Attending a festival or conference? Let us know how it goes, whether in diary style (Day 1, Day 2, etc.) or your overall impressions of the talks you attended, the rituals, dances, etc. Contact us first and we can look into securing a media pass.

Profiles: Famous occultists, spiritualists, or leaders in your tradition, share who they are, what they’ve done, and what impact they’ve had on the community.

Interviews: Cultural figures, authors, sings, icons, or your third generation witch grandmother, if they’re interesting, we’re interested.


In all cases, please send in a pitch or query letter first, and we can work together to ensure it’s the right fit for the site. For more information about our readers, you can download Spiral Nature’s media kit here.

Show us why you’re the best person to write this piece. If you’ve written for other publications before, list them with links to samples to your work, or your personal blog. If you’ve never been published before, that’s ok too, just write a really amazing pitch.

Keep in mind that posts are scheduled months in advance, so if you have a great Samhain-related piece, please don’t wait until October 25th to pitch it.


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Our regular newsletter goes out to all subscribers, with two side newsletters for writers and reviewers.The writers’ newsletter sends suggestions for story ideas we’re looking for, and the monthly reviewers’ newsletter lists the titles available for review that month.

Your selections on the sign up form will trigger automatic emails with more information about writing and reviewing for the site, with links to our newsletter archives.


Yes, we do offer payment of $10 per article or review, or compensation in trade for a small one month sidebar ad (a $25 value).

Downloadable docs

For more information, please see:


Please feel free to contact the editor with any questions you may have.

Image credit: Pete O’Shea

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