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By Psyche
Ostara is one of the eight major sabbats or holy days of the Wiccan

What is Wicca?

By Psyche
The simplest explanation of what Wicca is, is that it is a contemporary neo-pagan

Definition of Paganism

By Psyche
Depending on your background, the word ‘pagan’ can mean a variety of things. It

The Nature of Spirits

By Punkerslut
Whenever we read the great tales of ghosts and goblins, of gods and their

Radical Sages

By Robert Rabbin
I have always been one of those people who believe they are in this

The Taxation of Religion

By Punkerslut
“Why should an atheist pay more taxes so that a church which he despises

Soul at Work

By Robert Rabbin
We all want to enhance our experience of work and enrich our work environments

Six Principles of Authentic Living

By Robert Rabbin
A few years ago, I was invited to give a commencement speech to a

Being Peace

By Robert Rabbin
“In the hearts of people today there is a deep longing for peace. When

We Can’t Separate the Inseparable

By Robert Rabbin
I am a spiritual activist, a person who feels that spiritual practice, study, and

The four pillars Of Taoism

By Robert T. Tuohey
I. The Impersonality of Dao Ancient Chinese religious beliefs were not strikingly different from


By rafh tzeenj
Always call on Eleggua before any endeavour to open to door for it or