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Progressive Evolutionism

By Chirotus Infinitum
The Aquarian Age is allegedly upon us, despite what actual astrological events indicate. One

Thelemic Will: Its Positive and Negative Implications

By IAO131
The basis of Thelema is the Will (which is Thelema itself in Greek). The

A Note on LaVeyan Satanism

By Psyche
Far too long has the subject of Satanic magic and philosophy been written down

Thelemic Values: A New View on Morality

By IAO131
Ye Olde Morality Most Westerns are familiar with the Ten Commandments that Moses brought

Stepping out of the broom closet: Coming out as Wiccan or Pagan

By Psyche
In sharing one's Wiccan faith with another, one takes the very real risk that

The Broom Closet: In or Out?

By Psyche
Should you “stay in the broom closet”; or share your newfound spirituality of Wicca

Eris and the Discordians

By Psyche
The second of a two part series on Eris, Greek goddess of chaos and

Eris and the apple of discord

By Psyche
Eris is a Greek goddess, the Latin form of her name being Discordia. She

Southern hemisphere Paganism: How differing seasonal cycles affect sabbat dates

By Psyche
How do Pagans in the southern hemisphere accommodate the differences in their seasons when

The Pagan diet: A few thoughts

By Psyche
Paganism, in general, has no prescribed dietary restrictions, though it has developed a few

Pagan community

By Psyche
There is a certain amount of interconnectedness online, especially within specific communities, but what

Definition of Paganism

By Psyche
Depending on your background, the word ‘pagan’ can mean a variety of things. It