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Stepping out of the broom closet: Coming out as Wiccan or Pagan

By Psyche
In sharing one's Wiccan faith with another, one takes the very real risk that

The Broom Closet: In or Out?

By Psyche
Should you “stay in the broom closet”; or share your newfound spirituality of Wicca

Eris and the Discordians

By Psyche
The second of a two part series on Eris, Greek goddess of chaos and

Eris and the apple of discord

By Psyche
Eris is a Greek goddess, the Latin form of her name being Discordia. She

Southern hemisphere Paganism: How differing seasonal cycles affect sabbat dates

By Psyche
How do Pagans in the southern hemisphere accommodate the differences in their seasons when

The Pagan diet: A few thoughts

By Psyche
Paganism, in general, has no prescribed dietary restrictions, though it has developed a few

Pagan community

By Psyche
There is a certain amount of interconnectedness online, especially within specific communities, but what

Definition of Paganism

By Psyche
Depending on your background, the word ‘pagan’ can mean a variety of things. It

Spring has sprung: are you cleansing?

By Victoria Anisman-Reiner, B.S.c
There are several types of cleansing, each suited to different lifestyles and different bodies’

Why Spirituality?

By Spiral Nature
“Spiritual life helps us find our meaning and purpose within existence, reminds us of

Discordian Totems

By Psyche
Once you've discovered which totems speak to you, remember to personalize it with a


By Psyche
A celebration of spring, the third and culminating fertility festival, and one of the