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Buddhism: The Religion of Thailand

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We live in the eternal Now, and it is Now that we create our destiny. It follows, that to grieve over the past is useless and to make plans for the future is a waste of time. There is only one ambition that is good, and that is: so to live Now that none may weary of life's emptiness and none may have to do the task we leave undone.

--From the Book of Sayings of Tsiang Samdup

  • We pay homage to the Buddha for revealing to us the eternal truths of liberation.
  • We pay homage to the Dhamma (the teaching of the Buddha) for making known to us the nature of existence.
  • We pay homage to the Sangha (the order of monks) for preserving the Teaching and practicing its precepts.
IntroductionIn recent years Western visitors to Thailand have displayed an increasing interest in our national religion, Buddhism. "Who was the Buddha?" "What do Buddhists believe about life after death, good and evil and the beginning of the world?" To answer these and similar questions the present writing is intended. Read More