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Portfolio: Gatekeeper, Fate, Messages, Justice, Divination, Luck, Opportunities.Aspects: St. Anthony, Holy Infant of Prague, St. Benito, St. Martin, Holy Child of Atoshe.Ileke: 3 red beads, 3 black beads, alternating one red and one black three times, repeat. Read More


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Portfolio: Great Mother, Lady of the Seas, Mistress of Sorcery and Ocean Storm, Sister or Oshun (raises Oshun’s kids), probably analogous to Mamiwater, doesn’t like Oya (Yemaya once ruled the cemetery and manipulated Oya in to changing areas of influence- never feed the two together), adoptive mother of Shango, allied with Eshu Aya, Queer Goddess, womanhood, fertility, maternity, children, lunar, very sensitive- wrathful if offended, stability, control over one’s life, gentle, kind, generous, dignified, lofty, graceful, “spicy” persona, gives and takes life, forgiving, protection, peace, benevolence, approach w. love, awe and honour, patroness of Brazil.  Read More


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Portfolio: wealth, eroticism/pleasure, rivers, Magick/WitchCraft , art, dance, emotions, Witchy party-babe. Mother of Nations. Great similarity to Lakshmi. Sister of Yemaya. Related to Black Madonna. A.k.a.- Caridad del Cobre, Lady of Charity.Ileke: amber/yellow and red/coral- one sequence of five beads of each colour then 1 of each repeated five times. I anoint mine with Florida Water, cocoa butter and Oshun oil (found at any Botanica- either Oshun or Caridad Del Cobre.  Read More


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Portfolio: Oggoun has several aspects- most notably Warrior, First Killer, Metalsmith. Barber/Surgeon, Cop, Butcher, Labourer, cars, railroads, blades, clears path, hospitals, employ, protection, vehicular accidents (protection from or induction of), pain, tragedy, war, strength, endurance, journeys, protect vs. criminals, transform stuck situations, industrial technology, tactics, mediation. Said to be connected to the destiny of the white people. Bhalin’dio also protects against poison- including environmental toxins and helps in conflict with the medical industry.  Read More