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The Manifestation of Kali in Universe as an Astrophysical Anomaly

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There is no light, nor any motion. There is no mass, nor any sound. Still, in the lampless heart of the ocean, Fasten me down and hold me drowned Within thy womb, within thy thought, Where there is naught-where there is naught!

From "Kali", by Aleister Crowley

In the beginning was the KAOS water, the pure creative force of undivided being. Crowley called this "Nuit", which seems to be the combination of the sky goddess "Nut" with the chaos God "Nu", or "Nun". This was the potential for manifestation before the dream of Siva, before the suffering of Sophia that coalesed into the mist of dark reality. This primal force exits in a perpetual state of non-being, always edging toward being. A binary movement sets up from this tension of pre-creation, from a state of collapsed oneness, to a state of open potential. This is the struggle between Siva; the force of perfect order, and Sakti; the force of pure chaos. In Siva is the need to collapse to stable systems, the continual drive for one-ness that uni-fests as the point monad of Kether on the Tree of Life. In Sakti is the need for continual creation, the pure fertile need to populate Universe with the divine sparks of manifested intelligence. From these two forces arises the numinous Androgyne. This force exists at the beginning of physical creation, from its parthenogenic fullness it emanates across the Pleroma of the void, and down the Tree to Malkuth. Read More