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Meaningfulness and morality

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Cryonics #125, vol.12, no.2, February 1991.
The oddest arguments are used to support the view that death has its proper place. Even some philosophers, renowned for questioning everything, are apologists for death. Bernard Williams, in his essay "The Makropulos Case: Reflections on the Tedium of Immortality," is a case in point.Williams grants that death is indeed to be regarded as an evil. Even so we should be glad that we die, for an unending life would be devoid of meaning. Williams supports this view by appealing to a play by Karel Capek which concerns a woman named Elina Makropulos who has lived 342 years. "Her unending life has come to a state of boredom, indifference and coldness. Everything is joyless." She refuses to take the immortality serum again and dies. Read More