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Real shamanism

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Date: Sun, 07 Nov 93 05:53:46 EST From: lynsa[at]aol[dot]com To: [This is a mailing list about shamanism.] Subject: Real Shamans
I'm not an academic. I'm not a traditional medicine person or secret society member or village healer. I'm just a 32-year-old white girl with a Macintosh named Gypsy and Internet access. I don't consider myself a real shaman. I don't have the community/cultural support or the training. I have some shamanic-type abilities and a teacher I consider a real shaman who's helping me expand them. Since I've recently joined Church of All Worlds and am interested in their clergy track, maybe I will have the community support to someday be some kind of shaman. But it won't look like any other kind of shamanism on the planet. In fact, I'd doubt that very many of us on this list practice what could be called a traditional shamanism. What do we call ourselves, then? What are we? I get the sense in this ongoing discussion that behind the phrase "Real Shaman" lurks the phrase "Wannabe." I don't know about the lurkers, but I've rarely seen postings here that make me think most of the people here are wannabes. I don't wannabe anything other than what I am, a late 20th-century mixed-European American. That's confusing enough without grafting someone else's culture on, on top of it. Read More