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Live like a tree walking

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Tree, photo by Romain Vallet
Thought is the negation of knowledge. Be thy busyness with action only. Purge thyself of belief: live like a tree walking! Take no thought of good or evil. Become self-active causality by Unity of thine, I and Self.
-Austin Osman Spare: Aphorism I; The Focus of LifeIn 1890, James George Frazer, an English Sociologist and Anthropologist, published "The Golden Bough", an anthropological investigation on the links between Magic, Folklore, Religion and Science in different cultures from all continents. Although the book had the typical rationalist point of view that most positivist English scientists of the time had, it contained an invaluable description of many magical practices in several different cultures, and it became a must read for every occultist at the beginning of the 20th century. So it's possible to assume that Austin Spare read it. Read More