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Chaos versus eclectic magick

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From: "Joseph Max.555" Newsgroups: alt.magick.chaos Subject: Re: Chaos vs Eclectic magic Date: Sat, 19 Jul 1997 18:00:40 -0700
On Wed, 16 Jul 1997, garyb wrote:
<< What are the differences(if any) between Chaos magic and Eclectic magic? >>
I've read some books and articles by both Phil Hine and Peter Caroll and I like them very much. But besides the labels and institution what is the difference between their theories and say...Isaac Bonewits book Real Magic, which I'm not sure is Yellow Magic(?) or Eclectic Magic? >>Chaos magick is eclectic, but eclectic magick is not necessarily chaos magick. Read More

Religion versus magick

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On 1 Apr 1995, Bill Stender wrote:

<< I haven't yet received the post from Christeos Pir (beautiful name) but I wish to ask him- what did they do to deserve such an insulting comment? >>

The problem most serious occult practitioners have with Schueler's books is their trivialization of the subject matter and the great liberties they take with their "modernization" of ancient magico-religious practice. They attempt to cast these old ways into modern moulds, and often (in the case of their Enochian books) leave large gaps in their information that does not fit into their moral viewpoint. In their Enochia, they completely ignore the procedures for the summoning of "demonic" spirits of the lesser cherubic squares; in fact they don't even mention their existence except with a passing reference to "avoid" them. If the point is to give a complete reference work (as they bill their "guides" as being) then they should not leave out important parts because _they_ think it's "dangerous" or "immoral" - that should be left to the practitioner to decide for hirself. Read More