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Kara Rae Garland (Soror Ceilede) is a quirky bibliophile who hails from just north mystical of Portland, OR. She currently works for the world famous Powell's Books and has been studying the occult for sixteen years.As a second gen chaos magician and rampant blogger, she has been published in Konton magazine and The Best of Konton, as well as online at the webzine formerly known as Key23 (now, the Infictive Hyperwiki and has participated in the highly esteemed podcast Occulterati.

Love is the Law: Philios, True Will and the Great Work

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Colourful matches, photo by Lorant SzaboI do not believe in sin as typically described by the various sects of the world's major religions. In my heart, there are two kinds of sin: sins against humanity (abuses of human rights) and sins against yourself. It is with the latter that the following missive is primarily concerned, heavily informed by Thelema, New Age philosophies and Modern Satanism.A sin against yourself is something that only you can judge. You sin against yourself every time you do something that goes directly against your True Will. When you do not live up to your honest potential, when what you do holds you back instead of propelling you forth, even if that thing is refusing to forgive yourself for past mishaps, I believe you are sinning against yourself. (It should be noted that I do not feel this applies to normal, natural, healthy periods of stagnation, contemplation and plateau states.)I used to think that the concept of True Will was malarkey. No one I spoke with could tell me what True Will was or how to discover it. I kept asking and wondering what kind of person doesn't know what he or she really wants in life? But then I took a good look at the society around me, and I saw that we tie ourselves into secret knots all the time, constantly confusing ourselves about what we want and what is best. Read More