Practical magick.

Challenges and rewards of leadership

By Courtney Weber
Do you belong to a coven, temple, grove, or other sort of magical group?

Lego magick for creativity and protection

By Emily Carlin
The possibilities for using Lego blocks in magick is just about endless.

Stories behind the most popular good luck charms

By Editor
Do you believe in good luck charms? The notion that certain objects hold a


Occulture explored.

Language of the Birds exhibition at New York University

By Richard Kaczynski
The exhibition Language of the Birds manages the seemingly impossible task of representing the

Greatest Hits: Best of Occulture in 2015

By Spiral Nature
With our list of the 9 most popular articles on occulture published in 2015,

11 tarot and oracle decks reviewed and ranked for 2015

By Spiral Nature
Spiral Nature reviewed more than 65 books, tarot and oracle decks in 2015, and

Religion and Spirituality

Opiate of the masses.

Beltane: Dancing with the faery folk

By Susan Starr
One of the four major fire festivals of the Wiccan Wheel of the Year,

Mysteries of Isis

By Mogg Morgan
A detailed account of the workings of a mystery cult, devoted to Isis, is

Ostara: Welcoming the fecund earth

By Susan Starr
Ostara is associated with the Earth’s renewal and fertility after the long winter.


Book, film, tarot and oracle reviews.

Beltane, by Melanie Marquis

By Syndee Barwick
Beltane: Rituals, Recipes and Lore for May Day is a perfect guide to ignite

The Spirit of Healing

By Susan Starr
In The Spirit of Healing, Sandra Ingerman and Byron Metcalf added FEAT technology to

Great Work of the Flesh, by Sarane Alexandrian

By Psyche
The Great Work of the Flesh provides a survey of practices from a variety

Updates and News

Site updates and news.

Linkage: Vain magicians, Druidry, and magical girls

By Spiral Nature
Was the Buddha a feminist? Can hierarchy and harmony co-exist? Is kabbalah overrated? Maybe?

Linkage: Mercury, anarchy, and tarot

By Spiral Nature
Anarchy and magick -- two of my favourite subjects, and more linkage.

Linkage: Fools, racists, and a happy marriage

By Spiral Nature
Did Zeus and Hera have a perfect marriage? And other linkage.