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Angelic Origins of the Soul, by Tricia McCannon

By Alanna Wright
Tricia McCannon has released her latest book titled The Angelic Origins of the Soul:

Racism in magical communities

By Donyae Coles
It seems easy to denounce the legions of white supremacists and neo-Nazis that have

Satanic art: A devotional practice

By Marie RavenSoul
Satanic art has given me another way to express myself. It has been a

Natural magick: Remembering our connection to the world

By Chrysanthemum White Alder
How can we strengthen and deepen our connection to nature outside the cliched notion

Deeper Into the Underworld, by Chris Allaun

By Alanna Wright
Deeper Into The Underworld: Death, Ancestors and Magical Rites is a great read for anyone

Secret Body, by Jeffrey J. Kripal

By Mark Jones
Secret Body explores mysticism, paranormal experiences, and the nature of being, all while challenging

Not my Burning Times: Witch trials, oppression, and magical identity making

By Donyae Coles
Witch hunts and witch trials are a real part of the historical record, but

Into The Mystic, by Christopher Hill

By Alanna Wright
WIth Into The Mystic, Christopher Hill delves into the interplay of mindset, mood, and

Greatest Hits: Best of spirituality in 2017

By Spiral Nature
Of the 18 articles on magick we published in 2017, these are the 11

Love, Sex, and Awakening, by Margot Anand

By Susan Starr
Love and making love are deep mysteries, as is spirituality, and the intersection of

The Path of Modern Yoga, by Elliott Goldberg

By Niki Whiting
Yoga is a complex and rich tradition that I have come to love very

The Spirit of Zen, by Solala Towler

By Nimue Brown
Could Solala Towler change my mind about Zen? I wondered. As soon as I’d