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Lucifer’s Vortex (also known as the Western Sun Rite)

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The basis of this ritual is to create a vortex in which direct communication between Lucifer is possible. There are several other Lucifer’s Vortex rites that are being transcribed and this is the darkest one in terms of setting.

Materials to be used

  1. chalice filled with wine
  2. wand
  3. sound system (can be of any kind)
  4. candle (black, if possible)
  5. mirror
  6. altar


The setting shall be a dark room (preferably small). Arrange yourself in front of the altar in which you have set a candle in the middle. On the left side is to be the chalice and on the right side is to be the wand. Behind the altar is to be set a mirror in which the candles light can be reflected. Start the music, which should be “Night on bald mountain” followed by white noise. Play it as loud as your circumstances allow you. As a rule, the louder that the music is played, the more your mind can become part of the ritual.

Meditate in front of the candle, close your eyes, and reflect on inner peace and balance. Then, gradually think of your energy growing larger and larger. Visualize it constantly expanding and growing larger. Then think of yourself sucking psychic energy from a black vortex. This is to be from any source possible and whom you suck the energy from does not matter. Now imagine you depositing all of your bad energy into that vortex to be destroyed.

Now open your eyes, reach for the chalice, and repeat the words “I drink from this chalice all the good in the world. I proclaim the destruction of all lie and hypocrisy and I shall rise to the ultimate fate. I proclaim upon this day that I am born anew in the light of the Angel Lucifer in the dawn of all his marvelous stars”. Drink from the chalice and set it down. Take the wand, point it as if touching stars, and proclaim, “The stars of electric reach through my spine and signal a New Aeon of Horus and Lucifer. Long may the Western Sun rise as I proclaim it so. Hail Lucifer in all glory as all power be bequeathed to his followers. Brimstone and onyx is his crown. Light shall be his wand and wine shall be his urine. Worship the sun god, Lucifer, Ra.”

Now place the wand down and stare back into the flame. Visualize all greatness coming into you and forming a vortex. Now repeat this sigil and imagine it in front of you as you visualize it.


Now recite your wishes and demands as well as grievances. Say all that needs to be said. Then, when you are done, scream, “Done is my wish. Grant my desires as the west sun rises in the vortex and Lucifer wishes me so. Stand not in my way, O’ slave of ignorance. Stay here and grant for I say what I need. So be it done as so be it. Hail Lucifer.”

Awaken in time and feel anew. Liberty is yours for the taking so sayeth the sacred books of Algorath and Aweis. Talerabonio Stratakeath Nopuot Doriou.

After note

This ritual was transcribed from semi-conscious thoughts of the Temple of the North Star. Lucidity is not in question here as lucidity be proclaimeth. The observance of this ritual is to be completed as the Angel Lucifer does rise and fall and rise again.

Satanic Mythos: A brief study of four infernal archetypes

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Red Sky, photo by DinosaursAreNotDeadWebster defines myth as "a story or belief that attempts to explain a basic truth." There have always been story-tellers amongst us. From the time humanity first learned to speak we have tried to express our thoughts concerning the world around us, as well as the world of our own imaginations. Mythology, religion, philosophy and science have all grown out of these thoughts. At first there was only the oral traditions, passed from generation to generation by word of mouth. With the advent of writing (circa 3500 B.C.E.) the transmission of ideas increased and the integrity of the information was more easily preserved for future generations. Comparative mythology scholars, like Adolph Bastian and Joseph Campbell, recognize two main aspects that can be applied to all forms of mythology. These are the "local" and the "universal" aspects. As Campbell writes in his Primitive Mythology: Read More

A Letter to Satanic Youth

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Due to the ever-increasing amount of mail that we have received from young people who are new to Satanism, we feel the time has come to put together some information to help answer your specific questions and concerns.If you have read our books, you know that Satanism isn't about taking drugs, and it isn't about harming animals or children. Unlike many religions and philosophies, Satanism respects and exalts life. Children and animals are the purest expressions of that life force, and as such are held sacred and precious in the eyes of the Satanist. Besides, it is very un-Satanic to take any creature's life against its will. It is equally un-Satanic to cloud your brain and impair your judgement with mind-altering substances. A real magician has no need of those kind of things, as he should be able to bring about changes in consciousness by the very power of his Will and imagination. Read More

The Satanic Bunco Sheet

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Because Anton LaVey has made Satanism so popular, everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon. If you're new to the Realm of Darkness, suddenly feeling the fires of Satan burning within you, be warned: there are unethical individuals out there who will prey upon you, claim to teach you how to become a Great Black Magician overnight, who will promise instructional fellowship and activities with "True Masters," who may claim unverifiable links with the Church of Satan or other such lineage. Save your money. Here's a tip sheet to recognize pseudo- and anti-Satanic groups that have sprouted up since LaVey started the original Church of Satan. Read More

Satanic Ethics

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Any philosophy must, as a matter of course, at least imply a code of moral ethics for its followers to espouse. Satanism, as a philosophy and as a religion, can do no differently. However, the nature of that moral code will seem entirely alien to those who have been raised on the ages-old idea of a "good versus evil" world view. All of the major world religions (Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Taoism, Hinduism, and Buddhism) are rooted in moral absolutism. That is, there is a definite and objective set of behaviours which are "right" and which are "wrong" for an individual to practice. The differences between these religions come to the fore when the exact nature of those behaviours is defined, as well as the latitude afforded the individual in regards to a choice between them. Read More

On Dreaming

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Subject: EVILONE: Info. about dreams…
Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2001 12:03:08 -0700 (PDT)
From: Christopher Parker < cparker15[at]yahoo[dot]com >
To: churchofsatan@yahoogroups.com, satanic-kindred@yahoogroups.com, evilone@evilone.org

Hail all.

It seems that some people aren’t too sure about how the dreaming process goes about itself. There seem to be some misconceptions going about, and I figured, hey, it’s nice to learn something new.

Following is a basic description of the dreaming process:

First of all, when we dream, we are *NOT* in a deep sleep. Our minds are actually very active, and if it weren’t for our body’s paralyzation in REM (Rapid-Eye Movement) sleep, we’d be in deep doo-doo.

When you are awake, your brain emits waves called “alpha waves”. These are very rapid and seemingly sporadic electrical currents racing around in the brain.

When you first lay down to go to sleep, you start to unwind, and your thoughts (hopefully) start to slow down. Your brain should be emitting “beta waves” at around this point. They’re a little slower than the “alpha waves”, but they do still seem a rather bit “sharp” and “jumpy” if you were to see a representation of them on paper. This is Stage 2 sleep. As you drift off into Stage 3 sleep, you start clearing the thoughts away out of your mind. At Stage 4 sleep, your brain shows signs of “delta waves”. These waves look slow, lazy, and pretty regular. This is the deepest, most relaxing sleep someone will ever experience. Believe it or not, this isn’t the important part about sleep!

After a rather short amount of time, your brain starts to shift back into Stage 3 sleep. Not too long after that, Stage 2 sleep. Before long, the brain will be in Stage 1 sleep. Now, when a person is awake, this is called Stage 1, because the person’s brain is pretty active. Stage 1 is where the “alpha waves” are present, when the person is awake. However, when coming from Stage 2 and going into Stage 1, something different happens. The brain still does shift into Stage 1, and “alpha waves” can still be found, but the person is oblivious to their surroundings. The body is paralyzed except for the eyes. The eyes can be seen darting back and forth. This is REM sleep. Any sleep that occurs at any other point in the sleep cycle is called NREM (Non-REM) sleep.

The first REM period lasts for about 15 minutes. Then, the cycle starts over again. The next REM period is a little longer. The next one longer still. Finally, the last REM period can sometimes last from 45-60 minutes. So, as the night progresses, NREM sleep time shortens, and REM sleep time lengthens.

Believe it or not, this altered-Stage 1 is the most important stage in the sleep cycle. The whole entire point of sleep is to dream. Sure, the body rests during sleep, but sleep usually lasts for about 8-10 hours (recommended). The body needs only about an hour to fully rest.

Some theories as to why dreaming is necessary are as follows:

  1. To remove built-up toxins in the brain by the random firing of the brain’s neurons.
  2. To make sense of what happened in the day, and to sort out the brain’s “filing system”.
  3. To solve the day’s problems.

Nightmares that occur outside of REM sleep are called “Incubus Attacks”. They are called so because the body is not paralyzed during NREM sleep, and the person acts out their nightmares. Sometimes they end up biting themselves, throwing themselves across the room, and hitting themselves. Bones can be broken during “Incubus Attacks”. Some occultists say these dreams are caused by malignant presences, others say by people that may be considered enemies. Psychologists will always tell you that they are just nightmares that happened to have occurred outside of one of the REM periods. I guess you can make up your own mind about that one.

Well, sorry about the length of the e-mail. Hope you all have learned something new. :)


Christopher Parker
Infernal Geek
E-mail: CParker15@yahoo.com
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