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Eclectic Satanism

By Jashan A'al
Eclectic Satanism is just that -- eclectic. It draws from diverse sources and combine


By Jashan A'al
Luciferianism, like Satanism itself, has a multitude of forms; primarily being of a Traditionalist

Traditional Satanism

By Jashan A'al
Traditional Satanists are those Satanists who believe in Satan as a literal existent being,

Modern Satanism

By Jashan A'al
Modern Satanism is probably the widest-spread of the Satanic denominations, and also the biggest

The foundations of Satanic belief

By Jashan A'al
Satanism is a federally recognized religion in at least one form; it is no

Satanic pudding

By Michael Solomon
I usually try not to defend LaVey, because I believe his lifestyle was that