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Review: Beyond the Burning Times, by Gus diZerega and Philip Johnson

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Beyond the Burning Times: A Pagan and Christian in Dialogue, by Gus diZerega and Philip Johnson Lion Hudson, 0745952720, 208 pp., 2008This book is going to make everyone uncomfortable, and that is a good thing. It will force both Pagans and Christians to confront what they think they “know” about the other side of the debate. Neither side is composed entirely of “virtuous” or “nasty” individuals.Gus diZerega (a Third Degree Gardnerian, with a Ph.D. in Political Theory) and Philip Johnson (a liberal Christian) engage in a give-and-take dialogue on topics ranging from the nature of spirituality to nature, and on to Paganism, Christianity and the Culture Wars. There is an abundance of courtesy evident throughout this book. The dialogue shows that it is possible to be on opposite sides of this divide and still remain civil while considering the other side’s position. Read More