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Exploring Scrying, by Abrose Hawk

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Purple scrying pool, photo by Wade SaathoffExploring Scrying, by Ambrose HawkExploring Scrying: How to Divine the Future and Make the Most of It, by Ambrose Hawk New Page Books, 9781564145031, 179pp. 2001, 2009 While reading the first chapter of this book I felt as if I was being swathed in fluffy, white cotton. It struck me as being a lot like cotton candy -- light, airy, but not much substance, and that fairly well describes this work. Not that this is necessarily bad. After all, it is intended as a basic, entry-level introduction to the subject of scrying.The preparations and warnings contained in the first dozen or so pages are all a matter of common sense, which is why they bear repeating. So many people approach esoteric (to use the author's preferred term) subjects with total disbelief, or else with a gung-ho desire to believe whatever comes along. Read More