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How to achieve altered states of consciousness

By Jarred Triskelion | May 28, 2014 | 1 comment

Altered States, photo by H KoppdelaneyEntering altered states of consciousness has a dramatic effect upon a ritual. Everything becomes more profound, from the smell of the incense, to the colour of the candlelight, to the feel of your wand in your hand. The objective here is not to enter into a full trance, instead these three techniques allow the ritual magician to expand their consciousness while remaining active on the material plane. They are well suited to everyday practical magick. None of the techniques described here require the use of drugs. Continue reading

Altered States of Consciousness and Ritual

By Julia | September 15, 2002 | Leave a comment

Altered States of Consciousness (ASCs) are an integral part of ritual. They can be defined as any mental state recognized by the individual as different from his or her normal waking consciousness. As such, the act of separating yourself from the mundane world, having a ritual bath or shower and preparing the ritual space, is enough to induce some sort of ASC in most people. Taking on a magical persona involves an ASC, as does invocation of godhead, dancing or chanting to raise power, meditation, scrying, and going through a guided visualization or path-working. Continue reading

Methods of gnosis

By Fenwick Rysen | November 17, 2000 | Leave a comment

Gnosis, photo by Raymond Salvatore Harmon

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lo eskis i

Quoth Polaris (notmyreal@ddress.com):

<< I was wondering if anyone could tell me a few ways to achieve gnosis that do not involve sex or drugs (yes, I know that those are the best). >>

Not necessarily the best, though probably some of the most common.

Others include: Continue reading