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Book, photo by Erich FerdinandSpiral Nature mostly reviews books, but we also cover audio and video media, as well as rune sets, tarot and oracle decks. We don’t review any other products at this time.

Please note, we very rarely review fiction, poetry, ebooks or self-published material.

For articles and essays, see our general submission guidelines.

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We are especially excited to hear from reviewers who are queer, trans, people of colour, and/or awesome.


Spiral Nature is an occult resource dedicated to exploring occult alternative spiritualities, practical magick, and occulture. This can include innovative explorations of personal philosophy, religious territory and magickal practice, as well as media focusing on more traditional routes.  For an idea of what we’ve reviewed in the past, please see our Reviews section.

Review style

Consider the book’s intended scope and audience. You may not be the target audience, but it’s important to know who the book was written for, whether it’s an introductory book for a novice on a topic you’re adept at, or an academic work in a field you’re less familiar with, your review must be constructed with this in mind.

The great literary critic Northrop Frye wrote:

The critic has always been called a judge of literature, which means, not that he’s in a superior position to the poet, but that he ought to know something about literature, just as a judge’s right to be on a bench depends on his knowledge of the law…The critic’s function is to interpret every work of literature in light of all the literature he knows, to keep constantly struggling to understand what literature as a whole is about.

This goes for nonfiction reviewing as well. Review in the context of all literature on the subject. If you’re not familiar with the subject matter, review it in the context of what you do know. Comparisons to other books on similar topics can be helpful to readers, though this isn’t necessary in all cases.


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