Spiral Nature has moved servers

Spiral Nature Shiny - News & UpdatesAfter ten years with Esosoft, we’ve moved to Site5. They have great hosting options, and way more features.

In the move the site was down for a couple of days, our apologies for that.

We’ve added a new mailing list for those interested in receiving very occasional updates (we’re thinking we’ll send maybe one e-mail a month), with additional e-mails for those of you interested in writing for Spiral Nature, or joining our reviewer team.

If that sounds cool, you can sign up by clicking here, or using the form on the right.

Some e-mail accounts may have been down briefly as well. Everything should be back to normal by now, but if anyone’s having trouble, please ensure your settings are as per below:

Server name: mail.spiralnature.com
User name: username+spiralnature.com
Port: 110

Server name: mail.spiralnature.com
User name: username+spiralnature.com
Port: 2525

If anyone still has problems, please contact me and we’ll sort it out.

Thanks, and hope everyone had a great tofurkey weekend.

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