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If you’re reading this, you’re probably looking at a sneak peek of SN 2.0, the new and improved version of, the official launch date for which is October 31st, 2008.

But you’re here!  Early!  That’s ok, but we’ve still a bit of tidying to do.

Actually,  there’s still a lot to prepare before we’re ready for the official launch – such as fine tune the design, design the new logo, new favicon, oh, and convert about another 500 pages of dated HTML to our spiffy new content management system. 1 Right.

Bootsy Cat

Bootsy Cat

EBC - Rosarium Blends

We’re still under renovation, so if bump into Bootsy, SN’s official kitty (perhaps looking less dignified), or find any weird code quirks, please let me know at webmaster [at] spiralnature [dot] com. Or, you know, to drop me a line and let me know what you think of the new look.  Thanks!

More on what’s to come, come October 31st.

A bientot.

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  1. Only about 100 pages have been converted so far.  We’ve got a long way to go. []

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