Lady Moon, by Kellianna


Lady Moon, by Kellianna
CD:, B000CAG8MW, 35 minutes, 2004

As I find myself in the midst of a spate of CD reviews I feel it necessary to make a couple of confessions. First, I am an old-style Pagan, born and raised in a time when music told a story – both in mainstream society and in the Pagan sub-culture. Therefore, I am not a huge fan of techo-style music, much preferring ballads and chants. Second, as my family and friends can testify, I can’t carry a tune to save my life. Therefore, you won’t get profound statements about rhythms and tonal relationships from me. I’m not interested in the technicalities of music, merely whether it appeals to me personally.

While I am often in a mood for instrumental offerings, especially as background for ritual, I truly enjoy kicking back with a relaxing drink, slipping on my headphones, and losing myself in a world outside the day-to-day humdrum, which can be provided by lyrics.

EBC - Ouroboros Press

Thus, when this disc (and “I Walk with the Goddess”) landed in my mailbox I could hardly wait to slip it into my player and see what I would find. Kellianna wrote most of the lyrics on this disc and her choices are compelling. She has some assistance on accompaniment and additional instruments. It all comes together and carries the listener along. It isn’t a raging torrent for the most part, more like a gently flowing stream.

Although I have not heard her perform live, I’ve heard her like at many Pagan gatherings, doing shows and singing around campfires after the day has wound down. She sings of gods and goddesses familiar to all of us – Persephone, Aphrodite, Pan, the maiden, the Mother, and the Crone.

For a first offering, this was a real treat, and held the promise of more to come. I have no doubt that promise will be fulfilled in future recordings.

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