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Linkage: Vain magicians, Druidry, and magical girls

By Spiral Nature
Was the Buddha a feminist? Can hierarchy and harmony co-exist? Is kabbalah overrated? Maybe?

Linkage: Mercury, anarchy, and tarot

By Spiral Nature
Anarchy and magick -- two of my favourite subjects, and more linkage.

Linkage: Fools, racists, and a happy marriage

By Spiral Nature
Did Zeus and Hera have a perfect marriage? And other linkage.

Poll: Do you keep a journal of your practice?

By Spiral Nature
April's poll asks, Do you keep a journal of your spiritual practice?

Stories behind the most popular good luck charms

By Editor
Do you believe in good luck charms? The notion that certain objects hold a

Linkage: Community, ethics, and ancient wines

By Spiral Nature
Those pseudo-intellectual quotes you see on social media probably aren't doing anyone any good,

Linkage: Pathworking, curses, and Deadpool

By Spiral Nature
Deadpool and Paganism. No, really. Plus, some other linkage.

Poll: How often do you meditate?

By Spiral Nature
March's poll asks, How often do you meditate?

Linkage: Grimoires, devils, and emptiness

By Spiral Nature
Divining like the devil and other great linkage.

Linkage: Occult rock, Stonehenge, and Jedis

By Spiral Nature
Paintings of witches' sabbats that resemble parties you (may?) have attended, and other linkage.

Poll: Do you put stock in theriomancy?

By Spiral Nature
Whether tracking the behaviour of mystic rodents who predict the weather, or counting magpies

Linkage: Divination, intuition, and relationships

By Spiral Nature
A tongue in cheek look at how to get rid of clutter and live