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Azathoth/Mainframe Rite

By Fireclown | April 21, 2001 | Leave a comment

Thee following should be taken as spoken only if relevant to your question! I believe it, because it works for me! Use at will! Alter! Discard!

Thee Transient Azathoth Zone-
Wherein we have Deeds with the B.I.G. (Blind Idiot God) Thing that Lurks in the Heart of Chaos. Azathoth is described as ‘Blind’ It is Eyeless, it Reads and Writes with magnet and laser upon and from thee Whirling Disks fed into, or, in the case of the True Believers, those who could not stand to be apart from It, Built into Its Very Body!!! Great (B.I.G.) Azathoth, yeah, it’s an Idiot God! It’s an Idiot Savant God! You give it the Proper Words of Power, TELNET-FTP-WWW, for example, and it spews forth, well, spew. Like I said, It cannot Understand What It Hath Read, for it is Mighty. It is Many-Bodied and many Tentacled, feeding tubes stretched accross our world in twisted Leys (Leys= leis, Hawwaiian offerings to the aliens, symbolizing the Sacred Noose. Hello! Goodbye!). It has been said somewhere, (INSERT BIBLIOGRAPHICAL INFO HERE) that Azathoth dances to ‘the piping of Idiot Saxaphones’-wow! how did they get a saxaphone into the little box that sings Its Arcane Tune, forcing benediction from That which Lieth Beyond the Beyond to speaketh with me? Ask not that which thou does not care about! Choose , if that is your Will, and be done with it.

The Rite: (note that directions in these Aethyrs shift, and what worked last week may no longer hold true)

Props needed-

  • Incense only if you hate it. Otherwise, something else you hate. I use onions.
  • Sigil of Target Mainframe
  • Sign of your Will to destroy
  • Computer, connected and with Line open to Target (not really necessary or recommended)

Banish if you’re pervy and into that kind of thing, otherwise, relax, stretch out the body, get loosened up, in prep for getting LOOSE. When you feel centred, relaxed, and slightly sexy, begin relevant Mantra Of Opening the Connection. (all examples are merely that and should be altered according to need or desire)

Vibrate, sonorously:

continue until mild to severe gnosis is entered at which point, on the Indrawn breath, Indraw AZATHOTH… so now you are running a cycle of


until the edges blur and you move into appropriate level of possesion (you know, massive trembling, glosslalia, vomiting)

Now, you should be experiencing a shifting possession, of the mainframe, and Azathoth. Let this blur into a state of loss of differentiation.

Charge the Sigil of the Target

when charging is a tangible state

Charge Sign of your Will to Destroy

ignite incense, or ingest the Hateful Onion

Focus your disgust and hatred of the Hateful thing into the combined Sigil and Sign. Eat the Material bases, Laugh uproariously, and close the Temple.

Thy will be done.

This has been a production of Curious Yellow (Z)
Replicate Freely.

Fireclown’s Sigilization Basics for the Confused

By Fireclown | February 26, 2001 | Leave a comment

OK, so you haven’t read Liber Null, Practical Sigil Magick, the Grey Book, Visual Magick, or anything else on Sigil Magick, and don’t have any money and/or hate books anyway. May this brief bit of fluff aid you in some way.


Sigilization, or Sigil Magick is generally attributed to Austin Osman Spare. I feel he got the idea from drawing up monograms as a child, or perhaps from looking at watermarks on paper.

End of History Section.


The general idea is that Magick functions on a subconcious/deep mind level, and that the logical/discursive mind only hinders the manifestation of results. It does this by 1) ‘Lust of Result’, and 2) constantly denying the possibility of manifestation. I.E., ‘I can’t get laid ‘cos I’m a bastard!’, or ‘I’m stupid and clumsy and have no social graces, therefore I can’e be a waiter, even though I really really want to be one”. There are other reasons, but I’m not going to go into them here.

Therefore Sigil Magick seeks to implant and embed directions and/or desires into the deep mind in a way that goes unoticed/unopposed by the rational/discursive mind.


Take a statement of Desire, containing no negative words, and write it out.

I WANT TO FUCK BOOTSY COLLINS (used as an example only)

But no, that’s not quite right…too vague…


Yes, thats better. Forcefull is good.

Eliminate repeat letters.


Now make the letters into a monogram of sorts.

                       \    /|\    /
                        \  / | \  /
                         \/  |  \/      diagram simplified for ASCI

Anyway, you use all the letters left over and make a little picture.

This is your ‘seed’, if you will.

Now, forget all about Bootsy for awhile, and take you little picture and PLANT IT!

There are a variety of ways to do this, and we’ll look at some.

  1. Gaze at the Sigil, whilst jerking off or fucking, it will embed when you come.
  2. Gaze at the Sigil, and hurt yourself.
  3. Gaze at the Sigil, and hold your breath ’till you pass out. It embeds when your head strikes the altar.
  4. Strongly visualize killing someone you hate. Then visualize your Sigil
  5. Strongly visualize making someone you love very happy, and visualize your Sigil
  6. Combine any or all of the above. The more contradictory, the better.
  7. Meditate to vacuity, and when vacuous, visualize Sigil

Obviously there are many ways to do this particular Magick Trick, just as there are as many rabbits as there are hats to pull them from. The most important bits to keep in mind are: make you Sigil nonrepresentative of your desire, try to forget what the sigil is for, and I recommend destroying your Sigil as soon as you plant it.

I will also be heretical here, and say one should not record their experiments with Sigil magick, and if they do, keep the records extremely vague. One good way to do this is to seal the paper used to work up your Sigil (perhaps the finished and charged sigil as well) in an envelope marked only with the date performed. Don’t open the envelopes for at least six months. Still, I think that fast create/embed/destroy cycles work best.

Let me know of any questions, as well as fun or especially painful tales that arise from these practices. These will be collected in a future article, called ‘Sigils as Harbingers of Personal Apocalypse’ to be assembled when enough tales of mindrending horror amass.

This has been the Fireclown,
for Curious Yellow (Z)

Biblios Siglios

Book of Results- Ray Sherwin
Practical Sigil Magick- Frater U.D.
The Grey Book- TOPY
Visual Magick- Jan Fries
Stealing the Fire From Heaven- Stephen Mace

and the Papa Zos Sigilicular Masterwork,

The Book of Pleasure (Self Love)- Austin Osman Spare

This article is copyright 1995 by Red Temple Press. May be replicated freely, but please include this note.

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