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About the website

Spiral Nature is a magazine-style website dedicated to  alternative spiritualities, practical magick, and exploring occulture

Established in 2000, Spiral Nature‘s history goes back further than that. It’s the product of several successive websites dealing with similar themes.

While Spiral Nature’s editor is headquartered in Toronto, Canada, our writers hail from around the world. In addition to our Canadian contributors, we have regular contributors from England and the United States, and occasional contributors from Japan to the Summerlands.

Our readers are by and large American (76%), followed by British (7%), Canadian (2%) and the rest of the world. For more information about our readers, please see our advertising opportunities.

About the content

In the past Spiral Nature’s content has curated from a variety of sources, including BBS and Usenet posts, mailing lists, as well as contributor essays, but in more recent years a greater focus has been placed on essays, articles, interviews and reviews from freelance contributors.

At present the site is host some 700 essays, articles and reviews written by more than 150 authors on a wide range of esoteric subjects, such as ceremonial magick, chaos magick, tarot, Discordianism, Satanism, Wicca and Thelema, with an extensive book and media review section.

Our Review section first began in 2004, and now consists of more than 350 reviews of books, videos, CDs, tapes, tarot and oracle decks.  It’s become one of our most popular sections as it’s continually expanding as publishers and authors send in new material to be reviewed, and as our reviewer staff grows.

If you’ve something you’d like to see on our site, please read our Submission Guidelines, or see our Review Guidelines.

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