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Ritual tools, Riz Aleister Crowley, and occultnik art shows

By Spiral Nature | August 22, 2014 | Leave a comment

Linkage, chain background image by Faramarz Hashemi


It’s not necessarily the tradition that makes the magician.

Feel like your magick runs in cycles? Here are some suggestions for how best manage your time.

Do you have to make your own ritual tools? (Bonus: Read our review of Aaron Leitch’s latest book, The Essential Enochian Grimoire.)

The ins and outs of word magick.


On community and mentoring Pagan youth. Continue reading

Doing it wrong: cultural theft and Supernatural

By Ian 'Cat' Vincent | July 30, 2014 | 4 comments

Unicursal hexigramThe subject of cultural appropriation is — necessarily — an important part of the modern occult conversation. Issues around occultists and Pagans making use (or misuse) of the symbols and rites of indigenous and ancestor cultures have to be examined: though there is often a tendency for various sides of the debate to accuse the other of “doing it wrong.”

I think it might be interesting to look a sideways example of this — of the symbolism of the occult being appropriated by mainstream culture.

The symbol at the top of the page is probably familiar to most modern practitioners. It’s the unicursal hexagram, the symbol Aleister Crowley designed to represent the religion he founded, Thelema, and as a symbol of the cosmos.

Since last year, however, it has acquired another meaning: the symbol of the Men of Letters organisation of occult scholars in the TV show Supernatural, where it is called the Aquarian Star. Continue reading

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