Occult ‘zines as cultural artifacts

In Treasure House of Pearls John Crow recently posted about the Theosophical journals he’s been going through in his research on Alan Bennett (interesting stuff, you should check it out). He commented on the “institutional memory” these journals leave behind – an enduring physical record of … Continue reading

Thelemic Will

Subject: re: Uncle Al's "Do what thou Wilt shall be the Whole of the Law": To: The zee-list >>And you threw the Crowley quote as if to say it >>means nothing more than, "do what ever you want to". >>In which case... if that was what it meant, that is >>what it would … Continue reading


From: Xi O'Teaz To: zee-list << What are other folk's opinions of the phenomenon of >so-called `spirit-possession'? Is it `real'? >>IME, *yes*, it is real. It has been called the same thing as Obsession, which would be accurate, minus the negative connotations modern psychology … Continue reading

Magickal Precision

From: Xi O'Teaz To: zee-list >I most always have marvelous results, but a lot of >times the fallout is quite dramatic and not always >quite worth the reward....i suppose that depends on an awful lot of factors...and whether you are trying something as small as sending a telepathic … Continue reading

Chemical Realities

To: zee-list Date: 11 November 2003 blades wrote: >and given that what is real changes with chemicals, >then truth is a chemical reaction's byproduct. seems >kinda pointless to ascribe any kind of objective >meaning to it when you look at it that way.Very true. Most of the … Continue reading