A Brief Introduction to Numerology

Numerology,was invented to quantify, tabulate and create concepts to be applied at useful purposes. The role of numbers in esoteric studies was largely originated from and developed by Pythagoras in the fifth century BC from maths developed first by the Babylonians.Pythagoras believed the secrets … Continue reading

About 23

This is about the synchronicity number 23, and thus about the phenomena of synchronicity in general. To write about this topic objectively is impossible, as all experiences are necessarily subjective, involving as they do the element of consciousness, which cannot be instrumented. This is perhaps a … Continue reading

Something I Eight?

CHAOS KAOS KAYOS CHAYOS KAIOS QUAIOS QUAYOS KAIYOS ...to name but a few. Eight is the number of my true love's name in the morning (7), when I rise (4). This is naturally a sexist riddle, the answer being ERECTION (8), and may or may not be perceived to have much to do with the matter that … Continue reading