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Azathoth/Mainframe Rite

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Thee following should be taken as spoken only if relevant to your question! I believe it, because it works for me! Use at will! Alter! Discard!

Thee Transient Azathoth Zone-
Wherein we have Deeds with the B.I.G. (Blind Idiot God) Thing that Lurks in the Heart of Chaos. Azathoth is described as ‘Blind’ It is Eyeless, it Reads and Writes with magnet and laser upon and from thee Whirling Disks fed into, or, in the case of the True Believers, those who could not stand to be apart from It, Built into Its Very Body!!! Great (B.I.G.) Azathoth, yeah, it’s an Idiot God! It’s an Idiot Savant God! You give it the Proper Words of Power, TELNET-FTP-WWW, for example, and it spews forth, well, spew. Like I said, It cannot Understand What It Hath Read, for it is Mighty. It is Many-Bodied and many Tentacled, feeding tubes stretched accross our world in twisted Leys (Leys= leis, Hawwaiian offerings to the aliens, symbolizing the Sacred Noose. Hello! Goodbye!). It has been said somewhere, (INSERT BIBLIOGRAPHICAL INFO HERE) that Azathoth dances to ‘the piping of Idiot Saxaphones’-wow! how did they get a saxaphone into the little box that sings Its Arcane Tune, forcing benediction from That which Lieth Beyond the Beyond to speaketh with me? Ask not that which thou does not care about! Choose , if that is your Will, and be done with it.

The Rite: (note that directions in these Aethyrs shift, and what worked last week may no longer hold true)

Props needed-

  • Incense only if you hate it. Otherwise, something else you hate. I use onions.
  • Sigil of Target Mainframe
  • Sign of your Will to destroy
  • Computer, connected and with Line open to Target (not really necessary or recommended)

Banish if you’re pervy and into that kind of thing, otherwise, relax, stretch out the body, get loosened up, in prep for getting LOOSE. When you feel centred, relaxed, and slightly sexy, begin relevant Mantra Of Opening the Connection. (all examples are merely that and should be altered according to need or desire)

Vibrate, sonorously:

continue until mild to severe gnosis is entered at which point, on the Indrawn breath, Indraw AZATHOTH… so now you are running a cycle of


until the edges blur and you move into appropriate level of possesion (you know, massive trembling, glosslalia, vomiting)

Now, you should be experiencing a shifting possession, of the mainframe, and Azathoth. Let this blur into a state of loss of differentiation.

Charge the Sigil of the Target

when charging is a tangible state

Charge Sign of your Will to Destroy

ignite incense, or ingest the Hateful Onion

Focus your disgust and hatred of the Hateful thing into the combined Sigil and Sign. Eat the Material bases, Laugh uproariously, and close the Temple.

Thy will be done.

This has been a production of Curious Yellow (Z)
Replicate Freely.

Morality and chaos magick

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Date: Sat, 23 Aug 1997 14:24:52 -0500 (CDT)
From: chuck27[at]ix[dot]netcom[dot]com (Chuck Cosimano)
To: zee-list
Subject: Re: Chaos Magick and Morality

The problem of morality in magick and lack of it in Chaos Magick is not so much a problem for the magicians as for those around them. Morality, after all, is nothing more than a set of principles, usually, but not always, stated that groups of people expect others to live by if they wish to be accepted into that group, be it a small religious cult like the Amish or a broader civil society.

Now magick, as it deals with the raw energies of the cosmos and the various non-physical (at least as we understand the term) entities that abound therein, operates in a universe where the principles of any given human social grouping are simply not going to apply. For example, if I invoke the deity Electricity, that god is not going to care if I use his energy to light my house or electrocute my neighbor. The society I live in will have definite and strong opinions on the matter, but the deity will not. The reason for this would seem to be relatively simple. The consciousness that runs the universe does not give diddly about human social opinion, if it even knows that such a thing exists.

That being said, magicians are social beings. And while lots of us would like to think we have totally freed ourselves from the social strictures of our mundane or worse (orthodox wiccan, for example) neighbours we still have a lot of things floating around in us that we have internalized and are not just going to leave, nor do we want them to. And every once in a while we run into them just after spending hours and hours fulminating against morality only to find ourselves experiencing what can only be called moral outrage and then our fellow magicians laugh at us because we got caught with a principle showing.

Now, explaining this to someone else, particularly someone who is not a magician, can be nigh unto impossible because that person may have internalized so many rules that the concept of working in a value-free structure is either inconceivable to that person or so utterly terrifying as to be unthinkable. For example, my fellow Theosophists will tie themselves into intellectual Gordian knots trying to figure out the workings of Karma and the along comes Uncle Chuckie who unties the knot the same way Alexander the Great did. I cut it by simply saying Karma is hokum. This makes them somewhat nervous, but since they know me they don’t get as terrified about it as they used to. Even so, they still live a world where the universe is run along the lines of Victorian sentimentality and get very bothered about things that other people consider to be merely annoying or entertaining. They aren’t going to change, so I don’t try to. And as they know they can’t change me, they have come to the conclusion that I am a refreshing bit of heresy and we enjoy each other’s company tremendously. The same situation probably applies to most of the people on this list in one way or another depending upon whom they hang out with.

It would seem that Chaotes, being the mad spiritual anarchists that they are, will never quite fit in with any stated concept of morality but will rather follow their own internal systems.

Uncle Chuckie

“When you are willing to do that which others are ashamed to do, therein lies an advantage.” The Book of Lord Shang

PSIONICS–The power of the new millenium

Fireclown’s sigilization basics for the confused

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Sigil, photo from Aaron MuszalskiOk, so you haven't read Liber Null, Practical Sigil MagicThe Grey Book, Visual Magick, or anything else on sigil magick, and don't have any money and/or hate books anyway. May this brief bit of fluff aid you in some way.HistorySigilization, or sigil magick, is generally attributed to Austin Osman Spare. I feel he got the idea from drawing up monograms as a child, or perhaps from looking at watermarks on paper.End of History Section.TheoryThe general idea is that magick functions on a subconscious or deep mind level, and that the logical or discursive mind only hinders the manifestation of results. It does this by 1) "Lust of Result," and 2) constantly denying the possibility of manifestation -- i.e., "I can't get laid 'cos I'm a bastard!," or "I'm stupid and clumsy and have no social graces, therefore I can't be a waiter, even though I really really want to be one." There are other reasons, but I'm not going to go into them here. Read More

DNA Magick

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Subject: Re: [zee-list] Re: DNA and the four elements?
Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2000 10:53:08 -0600 (CST)
From: Fenwick Rysen < fenwick[at]chaosmatrix[dot]com >
To: zee-list

lo eskis o

On Mon, 11 Dec 2000 soror.mystica@att.net wrote:

<< I have been researching genetic manipulation and I am wondering whether anyone has any ideas as to how they would connect the four elements to the four nucleotides >>

Kick ass! Up until now, I thought I was the only mage with the chemical structure of DNA jotted down in his book of shadows!

I did a lot of work with DNA magick in a short period, and while I didn’t really attribute directly to elements, I did place Adenine and Thymine at opposite ends of the circle, and Guanine and Cytosine at opposite ends of the circle. I ignored directions and elements. I drew their chemical structure in their quarter (sidewalk chalk is a magicians best friend), and stood upon a drawing of Deoxyrybose, that sacred sugar that bonds the four together in the spiral of life.

Instead of drawing up a “cone” or power, I envisioned standing at the center of a double helix stretching to infinity above and below.

I separated my magick into two circles, DNA Magick which had Cytosine as one point, which was mostly information-gathering, introspective work. Then I’d continue a working by replacing the drawing of Cytosine with Uracil, and switch to RNA magick, where I took the information I’d gained, and manifested it into the real world, building up aethyric proteins, as it were. Fun stuff.

My own thoughts after playing with it were that DNA was truly primal, very atavistic magick. I’m not sure you *can* match them to the elements properly. Or at least I couldn’t. But this is chaos. Whatever works! I’d be interested to see whatever system you work our for it. DNA magick is really fun stuff.

Keep us informed!

In Life, Love, and Laughter

–Fenwick Rysen

Sigils, servitors and godforms: part II

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Spirits, image by TorleyServitors, psychodynamics and models of magick

Chaos magick, at least if approached by through the Internet and conversation with chaos magicians, can appear a sprawling, contradictory mess of techniques to the newcomer. The relativistic stance of chaos magick, and it's apparent lack of a unifying template can appear both morally disturbing and intellectually frustrating, especially to occultists coming to it from more traditional paths. Read More

Sigils, servitors and godforms: Part I

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Astaroth sigill, photo by eleraamaSigils, servitors and god-forms are three magical techniques that chaos magicians use to actualize magical intentions. Sigils are magical spells developed and activated to achieve a specific, fairly well defined and often limited end. Servitors are entities created by a magician and charged with certain functions. Godforms are complex belief structures, often held by a number of people, with which a magician interacts in order to actualize fairly broad magical intentions. These three techniques are not quite as distinct as these definitions would suggest, they tend to blur into one another. The purpose of this essay is to explain these magical tools, indicate their appropriateness for different types of magical intentions, and show how these tools relate to the general theories of chaos magick and of Dzog Chen, a form of Tibetan Buddhism.Read More

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