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Sex and magick

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Bedroom, photo by Brad CoyIn this article I would like to address the issue of sex and magick. I am quite aware of the fact that this is a loaded subject. It is one of the oldest disciplines in occultism and virtually every magick tradition applies it somewhere down the road. Yet it has always been regarded as the innermost secret discipline. Witches, shamans, runesters, yogis and magicians of all varieties work with it in one form or another.To build up, strengthen, direct and aim this powerful energy is an awesome magical tool, as anyone who has ever worked with it knows. Being limited in time and space, but having such a wonderful and eclectic medium to work with, I want to give you a few unbiased ideas on the subject.No discipline of magick has attracted as much mumbo jumbo or misinformation as sex magick does. Nothing stirs the mind more than the left and right of the so-called middle path quite as vividly. Nothing is more ancient, powerful and misunderstood as sex magick. Yes, the market on tantra is booming, as a visit to any occult book shop will show you. Yet well researched, practical introductions into sex magick are virtually non-existent. Male sexist tunnel vision abounds. Read More

Satanic pudding

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I usually try not to defend LaVey, because I believe his lifestyle was that of a clown, rather than a serious philosopher, but I also know that his belief-system was much greater than the man himself. I also will not comment much on his magick rituals because I have never had the need to use any of them. Partly because I'm not a Satanist, and partly because I prefer using chaos and the ceremonial magick of the Golden Dawn. However, I will comment on his beliefs; and the belief or disbelief in an entity labelled Satan has nothing to do with the working of magick. He chose to use Satan to label and promote his beliefs for many reasons, like making money, to directly oppose Christian beliefs in an outlandish manner, and to gain public attention. It worked for him, but there is more to him than theatrics. Read More

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