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The Three Rays of Witchcraft, by Christopher Penczak

By Mike Gleason
The Three Rays of Witchcraft, by Christopher Penczak Copper Cauldron, 9780982774304, 205 pp., 2010

Neopagan Rites, by Isaac Bonewits

By Mike Gleason
Neopagan Rites: A Guide to Creating Public Rituals that Workby Isaac Bonewits Llewellyn Worldwide,

Jesus the Wicked Priest, by Marvin Vining

By Mike Gleason
Jesus the Wicked Priest: How Christianity Was Born of an Essene Schism, by Marvin

The Haitian Vodou Handbook, by Kenaz Filan

By Mike Gleason
The Haitian Vodou Handbook: Protocols for Riding with the Lwa, by Kenaz Filan Destiny

Feminine Mysteries of the Bible, by Ruth Rusca

By Mike Gleason
Feminine Mysteries in the Bible: The Soul Teachings of the Daughters of the Goddess,

The Language of Birds, by Dale Pendell

By Psyche
The Language of Birds, by Dale Pendell Three Hands Press, 71 pp., 2010 Pendell

The Angel Almanac, by Angela McGerr

By Mike Gleason
The Angel Almanac: An Inspirational Guide to Healing & Harmony + cd, by Angela

Interview with John L. Crow

By Psyche
Interview with John L Crow ranges from the Theosophical Society, to the OTO, to

Vodou Money Magic, by Kenaz Filan

By Kalagni
Vodou Money Magic: The Way to Prosperity through the Blessings of the Lwa, by

Dancing God, by Diotima

By Mike Gleason
Dancing God: Poetry Of Myths And Magicks, by Diotima Neos Alexandrian, 9781438210643, 197 pp.,

Aleister Crowley, by John Moore

By Psyche
Aleister Crowley: A Modern Master is far from perfect, but it will certainly spark

Written in Wine, by Bibliotheca Alexandria

By Mike Gleason
Written In Wine: A Devotional Anthology For Dionysos, by Bibliotheca Alexandrina Neos Alexandrina, 9781434836731,