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Astral Juice

By Psyche
Most people become interested in magick because they want to change some aspect of

Psyche Magic Revisited

By Anton Channing
Publish and be damned they say.  I feel a bit like that with my

Magickal Experience and Feedback Systems

By Seth
Practical magicians deal with a lot of unknowns when it comes to getting results

Grant Morrison: Talking with Gods

By Ian 'Cat' Vincent
The film opens with a montage of several comic-book writers and artists talking about

100 Years of Fringe Religion: Thelema, Discordianism, Wicca, Satanism and…Atheism?

By Psyche
I was putting together a time-line for another essay when something occurred to me.

Is it Hailing or Not (Are We Satanists?)

By Francis Breakspear and Kate Hoolu
This slight annoyance of being regularly asked by ‘fluffy Pagans’ if we are Satanists

Where Do Demons Live?, by Frater U.’. D.’.

By Psyche
Where Do Demons Live?: Everything You Want to Know About Magic, by Frater U.'.

If It Was Easy, Everyone Would Be Doing It!, by Francis Breakspear

By Psyche
Francis Breakspear casts himself in the role of both taskmaster and as acts a

Uncle Ramsey’s Little Book of Demons, by Ramsey Dukes

By Kalagni
Uncle Ramsey's Little Book of Demons: The Positive Advantages of the Personification of Life's

Review: Women of Power, by Jaq D. Hawkins

By Psyche
Women of Power: The Woman As Magus, by Jaq D. Hawkins CapallBann Publishing, 186163241X,

The Four Powers, by Nicholas Graham

By Psyche
The Four Powers, by Nicholas Graham Megalithica, an imprint of Immanion Press, 1905713045, 128

Kaostar!, by Francis Breakspear

By Psyche
Kaostar! will inspire strange thoughts, and this is a good thing.