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Chakras, Plain and Simple, by Sasha Fenton

By Soror V∴L∴
Chakras, Plain and Simple: The Only Book You'll Ever Need is a slim volume

Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Chakras, by Cyndi Dale

By Donyae Coles
Llewellyn's Complete Book of Chakras is comprehensive and will tell you almost everything you

The Ultimate Guide to Tarot, by Liz Dean

By Kait Fowlie
Liz Dean's Ultimate Guide to Tarot offers information to suit beginners and more in-depth

The Book of Stones, by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian

By Susan Starr
The Book of Stones reflects the authors' love for each and every stone, and

Guru-Free Guide to Nada Yoga, by Bennett Z. Kobb

By J Simpson
The Guru-Free Guide To Nada Yoga is a no-frills guidebook that tells you everything

Soul Centered Astrology, by Alan Oken

By Kalagni
Soul Centered Astrology: A Key to Your Expanding Self, by Alan Oken Ibis Press,

Examining Astral Projection

By Michelle Belanger
In working on a book on dreamwalking, I ran into some interesting puzzles concerning

Exploring Chakras, by Susan G. Shumsky

By Mike Gleason
The charts and illustrations contain in this book offer a unique perspective on chakras.

Soul Purpose Astrology, by Margaret Koolman

By Mike Gleason
Soul Purpose Astrology is great for someone who wants to be able to do

Chakras and meditation

By Phil Hansford
According to East Indian philosophy, man possesses seven major *chakras* or psychic centres on

Basic Chakra Exercise

By The Wizzard
The basic starting point for chakra work is just to relax and feel energy

Chakra Advice

By Darkstar
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