Membership MilestonesIn 2016 Spiral Nature launched a membership site in order to help fund its expansion. Each month we will share where we’re at in order to let our members and general readers know where we stand, and how close we are to each of our stretch goals.

One of our main priorities is to start paying our writers more, and to publish more content. As such, our first few milestone goals reflect this.

Spiral Nature Membership Milestone

Spiral Nature is one of the few occult magazines that pays its writers, and as a result, we have some of the best people writing for us. We’d like to be able to better reward them for their hard work.

Currently our writers are paid $10 per article or review, and we’d like to start by increasing that to $15 per post.

Spiral Nature Membership Milestone

Once we start paying our writers more, we can invite even more new writers to pitch to us, and start publishing even more of the in-depth content that you love.

Spiral Nature Membership Milestone

Our reviews are some of the most thoughtful and well-researched published anywhere. Our writers put a lot of time and effort into their reviews, and it’d be lovely to showcase more of their work. We aim to match subject experts with specific titles, and reviewers who are excited about what they’re digging in to. We think it shows.

There are so many amazing books published each year — way more than we have time to review at the moment. But if we increase our reviews to two per week, you’ll be able to keep up to date with what’s happening in the occult publishing sphere.

As a result, our poor assistant editors will be inundated with more work, and they also deserve a pay raise. We’ll increase their honourarium from $100 per quarter to $50 per month.

Spiral Nature Membership Milestone

Once we’ve increased our content schedule, we’d like to focus on increasing the payment to our writers yet again.

We’d also like to start a biweekly podcast, likely to be hosted by our editor-in-chief, Psyche. Psyche is no technical whiz when it comes to podcasting, so we’ll need to hire an audio editor to mix and edit the podcast. We’d like to hire someone at $50 per month for this position. (Contact us if this sounds like you — especially if we’re getting close to this stretch goal.)

Spiral Nature Membership Milestone

Yep. More money for writers. From $20 per article or review, we’d like to increase payments to $25, which seems to be the standard for this kind of content, but if we somehow reach all of our stretch goals and can increase payments further, all the better.

We’ve got some ideas for ebooks we’d like to publish, but it would be helpful to be able to afford to give our writers an advance on their work. We’d also need to hire someone to create cover artwork, and work on the layout of the text, as these are not specialties we have in-house at the moment. (Again, if this sounds like you, please get in touch!)

Spiral Nature Membership Milestone

Most of our editors are based in Toronto, so this would be the likely first base for Spiral Nature live events, but if we keep growing, we can look into expanding into other areas, making visits to other cities.

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