Sexual Sorcery & Dream Manipulation

By Magister Shane Gilliam, Church ov Apeiron, High Priest | April 30, 2005

When one thinks of visitations via manipulation of dreams automatically one thinks of the Succubus & Incubus taking control of those helpless creatures in the darkness of dreams. They were noted to install sexual fever upon all they visited, and always left behind their mark. (With soiled under garments as end result.)

Now you too can take control of one’s prey by the same means of projecting your shadow side upon the victim of one’s choose. Sexual sorcery can be one of the strongest forms of magick practiced to this day. The sheer power of the orgasm is a force beyond many. There can be many results achieved by this practice, all one must learn is a few certain principles, and the raw desire of an animalistic nature. There are many results one can expect, you cannot only create a desire of lust upon the one you seek; but you can also destroy your enemy by forcible focus of hatred upon your victim when they least suspect it. The ideas are endless and many!!!!

The principles

Sexual Sorcery is a double edged sword as one can see, from lust, to bindings, to creations of a nightmarish effect upon the chosen.

So here are the ingredients laid forth to work this kind of magic or at least get a general idea.

#1 Visualization and focus of the will

One must remain focused of their desire of intent, (easier said then done) the pleasure principle must be erased far from the mind. Sex magick is very different then the masturbatory fantasies or sexual copulation between partner’s .First either the couple or the individual must have a desired result in mind, through the stilling of the mind and a strong sense of control from this often time’s chaotic force. The first key ingredient is to keep a visualization of the result/end result within the mind at all times, like a crystal ball you see in your mind the exact result one is wishing to achieve.

#2 Prolongation of Orgasm

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The idea on this is not just a wham bam thank you maam, instant sexual gratification seeked by many, MUST BE AVOIDED!! The goal then is to stay fully aroused and to avoid quick orgasm.

There are many tricks to the trade, when you become close to reaching your climax, remain centered on the directed desire .Both you and you partner must keep your goal intact the whole time. Use of deep breathing, learning yoga, and Tantra also will be of some assistance to learn. Deep breathing can make the blood in your body flow though out the body, it can prolong the orgasm to some extent if done correctly. The point of this practice is to come as close to orgasm as many times as one can, and then when you cannot hold back any longer, tremble and release forth the strongest orgasm one can muster out.

Main point is to remain focused on desire of intent and picture it most vividly at point of release, or one can employ the use of a Sigil that represents your desire. Another point is to keep your intent of desire realistic as possible. It is much easier to see results if you keep it realistic to a point. Know what you can pull off and what you can’t will save you much heart ache .Some call this the balance factor, learning this part of balance is very important.

If for example your enemy has weak points reveled or unrevealed learn anything you can on your subject as much as you can.

If you know there fears send them forth in the dead of night as a powerful nightmare that will dwell in your victim’s subconscious mind, and will destroy their mind and body in emotional/violent manner. Like a daemon tearing through the flesh, you are just setting them up for their fall sort of say. Other ideas can be creating energy upon a certain archetype, and send them off as a servitor.

#3 Timing

The last ingredient is timing, it will help to learn your victims sleep pattern. And also if one’s victim is a women and the motivation of desire is sexual in nature remember to note the times of the women’s cycle as well. The best time to perform such acts is when they are passive, and no matter how strong willed one is they are always passive in their sleep. Hit them about two hours before they awake. They will be in a dream like state of rem, where their brain is mush, and will be easiest to stir their mind of your dark desires.

Hail to the dark dreams that can become reality.

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