Chaotic Identity

Peter Carroll’s psycho-historic model of aeonics provides a useful tool with which to evaluate the past and present changes of human consciousness. ((For a comprehensive explanation of Carroll’s theories of aeonics, see his works Liber Null & Psychonaut (Weiser 1987) and Liber Kaos (Weiser … Continue reading

How to charge a sigil playing video games

One of the most fascinating aspects about pop culture magick is the adaptability it grants you. Case in point, recently I’d been reading Disinfo’s Book of Lies, particularly the essays on Austin Osman Spare. The ideal state to be in to charge a sigil is one where the mind is blank, vacuous, and … Continue reading

Servitor Management

From: Xi O'Teaz To: zee-list >>Sentient entities as a general rule will strike out >>if you try and put them "under control". Much the >>same you or i would. The only difference is the >>mutlipurpose servies have the advantage of access to >>a whole range of … Continue reading

Judeo-Christianity and chaos magick

The chaote is free to adopt any system (s)he so pleases and deconstruct it on whim. It is generally considered taboo for any chaote to develop any sort of personal dogma. I thereby call into question the doctrine of personality and its implications. I posit that the personality is as undefined and … Continue reading

Acoustic Sigils

Music and !0Magic!1I've stumbled on what seems to be an excellent system for creating ACOUSTIC sigils to go along with a respelling of intent. I'm sorry the explanation is a little long and maybe difficult to understand for the musicially uninitiated. Like many things, it's much easier to put … Continue reading