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A new punk manifesto

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Punk'd, photo by Taro Taylor
Originally published in Profane Existence #13, reprinted from Making Punk a Threat Again: Best Cuts of Profane Existence 1989-1993.
Punk has done important things in its short history. (It's done some really stupid things, too, but that's for someone else to chronicle.) Out of the waste heap of middle class values and shopping mall aesthetics, we've built a culture that has allowed us to survive the postindustrial world while at the same time salvaging some semblance of our independence, freedom, creativity, and human integrity. As important as this is, it is now time for punk to enter a new phase. Punk has allowed thousands of youths to survive in this rat heap of a world through its music, 'zines, and communities; now it's time to change the rat heap itself. Read More